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Jennifer Miller MD 

Dr. Miller provides physical medicine and rehabilitation care for children. This primarily involves children with cerebral palsy, toe walking, low tone/hypotonia. She has continued to care for many children previously seen by Dr Andrew Dubin. 

Potential treatments include Botox injections and medications for spasticity management (tight muscles), brace/orthotic prescription, and equipment prescription. Dr Miller will work with your child's therapists to ensure coordination/optimization of therapy care.

Botox in the OR

Botox injections on young children are often performed under sedation at the South Clinical Campus Operating Room as an outpatient procedure. This is located at 25 Hackett Blvd, Albany NY 12208.

The anesthesia and nursing teams at South Clinical Campus are excellent at caring for children and making the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Details of botox in the OR will be discussed in detail during your child's clinic visit, but most procedures take less than 15 minutes in the OR and a few hours at the South Clinical Campus. In most cases, your child will be ready to return to school / therapies the following day, sometimes even after the procedure if they feel up to it!

Botox in the office

Depending on your child's age, demeanor, the number of injections needed, and other factors, Botox injection can also be performed awake in the office using ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound guidance allows Dr Miller to painlessly identify the muscles to be targeted before any needles are used to ensure an accurate and efficient procedure.

While the term Botox is used for familiarity, there are other manufacturers making botulinum toxin products and Xeomin or Dysport might be recommended based on clinical and/or insurance considerations.

For additional information on insurance coverage, etc, please see the Botox injection page.